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Follow These Tips For Keeping Ants Under Control

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Household ants can be a big problem. They often come and go over the course of the year. They may swarm indoors when food is left out, and you may see an abundance of ants after a rainy spell. Keeping tiny ants out of your house is extremely difficult because they can get in through the tiniest cracks due to their small size. Here are some tips that help with ant control. Read More»

Tips For Keeping Outdoor Insects Out Of Your Family's Home This Summer

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Now that summer has arrived, all of the bugs in your yard are trying to get into your home in search of cooler temperatures and water to drink. Just like you and your family seek shelter from the heat of the mid-day sun, so too do the flies, ants, spiders, and other insects living in your yard. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to prevent pests from getting inside of your house this summer, including each of these tips from pest control professionals: Read More»

Spring Showers Bring May Flowers – And Mice! Tips To Control Pests During The Rainy Season

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With the warm showers of springtime come unwanted visitors: mice. Rodents and many other pests look to come in out of the rain, which makes your home, vehicles, and property more vulnerable to an infestation. Protect yourself and be vigilant to prevent mice from making your home theirs.   Some tips to prevent mice during wet weather and spring showers include: Keep mice from getting in. Before mice seek refuge from the rain in your home, keep them from being able to gain access inside. Read More»

Three Tips For A Pest-Free Garage

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The garage is both a part of your home yet separate. Many people don’t hold the garage to the same standards as they do the rest of the home when it comes to cleanliness. Unfortunately, this can lead to a pest problem, which can even spreadtoo the rest of your home if you have an attached garage. Insects and rodents can both be drawn to the protection that your garage affords. The following tips can show you how to keep them out. Read More»

Silverfish: What They Are, What They Do And How To Get Rid Of Them

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If you’ve opened a dark, damp cupboard, or moved a bunch of books and newspapers, then you may suddenly see a scattering of silverfish. Silverfish are a common pest in many homes, but you’ll likely never see them in the daytime. If you see only one or two once in a while, then there shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you find that you have a large number, then you may want to take action. Read More»

How To Avoid Bringing Termites Into Your Home With Firewood

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You can take many steps to try to prevent termites from entering your home, but if you have a fireplace that uses firewood, you may be accidentally bringing termites in. If you bring the firewood into your home, the termites might then make their way to other parts of your home and cause damage. If you stack firewood near your house, this can also attract termites. Obtaining Firewood Firewood that is the most likely to be infested with termites come from rotting or dead trees. Read More»

5 Tips to Get Rid of Insect Problems in Your Home

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If you’re dealing with insects or unwanted creatures in your home, you may be fed up and ready for a change. Dealing with unwanted pests can make your home uncomfortable to live in and you may feel as if you’ll never find a solution. The good news is there is a solution available and there are professionals who are willing and able to help. Keep reading to better understand what to do about unwanted pests and to learn how to get rid of insect problems for good. Read More»

3 Strategies For Getting The Best Bed Bug Treatment

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If you live in an apartment or home that has bed bugs, you need to act fast to remove them because they breed quickly. This is an important business decision that also happens to directly affect your overall quality of life. When you are tired of sharing square footage with these pests, you will need to help of an exterminator that will get rid of them with the best services. Read on and start contacting some professionals that can help you with any sort of bed bug treatment. Read More»

Summer Pest Control: Keeping Insects Away From Your Swimming Pool

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Insects can be annoying pests in the summertime, and having a swimming pool can attract a variety of different types. Whether you want to control the mosquito population, keep horse flies at bay, or simply protect your pool against a horde of flying invaders, the following tips can help keep your pool free from insects. Use Pool Covers Covering your pool when it’s not in use can help prevent mosquitoes and other insects from laying eggs on the surface of the water. Read More»