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Summer Pest Control: Keeping Insects Away From Your Swimming Pool

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Insects can be annoying pests in the summertime, and having a swimming pool can attract a variety of different types. Whether you want to control the mosquito population, keep horse flies at bay, or simply protect your pool against a horde of flying invaders, the following tips can help keep your pool free from insects.

Use Pool Covers

Covering your pool when it's not in use can help prevent mosquitoes and other insects from laying eggs on the surface of the water. The cover can also prevent debris that might otherwise attract insects. Look for a pool cover that's easy to put in place, and work with your pool contractor to have it properly installed. Motorized pool covers are ideal for in-ground pools, while tarp-style covers work for above ground pools.

Dry And Put Away Pool Toys

Pool toys can collect water, which can attract insects. Be sure that all pool toys are thoroughly dried before putting them into a storage shed or container. Hang life vests and wearable swim gear up to dry, and use a towel to wipe the surface of large floating items. Smaller toys, such as water guns, can be brought inside to be cleaned and dried.

Keep The pool Deck Dry

Keeping everything as dry as possible is key when trying to keep mosquitoes and other insects away. Keep the deck as dry as possible. If you notice water puddles, dry them with a towel. Place towels under deck chairs to catch drips and drops if your pool area is situated in the shade. If you have an above-ground pool, make sure there is a rock bed or other type of barrier that prevents water from saturating the ground around the pool.

Maintain Your Lawn

Tall grass can provide cover for a variety of different types of insects, so keeping your lawn short and neat is essential when trying to keep them away from the yard. Take time to rake leaves, pick up debris, and keep toys off of the lawn, as all of these items can also provide cover for insects. Check for areas of the lawn that might be saturated, and consider working with a landscaper to improve drainage for the yard. This will help water from pooling and attracting insects.

Your home pest control service can use chemical treatments to help keep mosquitoes and other insects away. He or she can also inspect your yard to see if there are any issues that might be causing insect problems near your pool.