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Silverfish: What They Are, What They Do And How To Get Rid Of Them

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If you've opened a dark, damp cupboard, or moved a bunch of books and newspapers, then you may suddenly see a scattering of silverfish. Silverfish are a common pest in many homes, but you'll likely never see them in the daytime. If you see only one or two once in a while, then there shouldn't be an issue. However, if you find that you have a large number, then you may want to take action. Here is more about silverfish, what they do, where they hide and how to get rid of them.

What are Silverfish?

Silverfish are extremely primitive, wingless insects that have been around since before the dinosaurs. They are usually between half to one-and-a-half inch long with three characteristic bristles from the hind area. Though they can look ugly and dangerous, they are harmless to people and aren't known to carry disease.

Where do Silverfish Hide?

Silverfish are completely nocturnal, so they like dark, humid places. They usually like to stay close to their food sources which are natural fibers such as polysaccharides such as paper, leather, sugar and starches. You'll most likely see them in the bathroom, kitchen, basement or garage. They like areas that are infrequently disturbed.

What damage do Silverfish do?

Though they don't bite, they can cause property damage. You may see evidence of them dismantling your books, chewing on your leather couches or even destroying your wallpaper, especially if you have a bad infestation. Silverfish can also eat holes in certain types of clothing. They are also known to contaminate starchy foods such as flour, or damage boxes containing other types of food.

How can Silverfish be Controlled?

The best way to prevent or control silverfish is to reduce moisture and clutter in your home. Make sure your bathroom has good ventilation such as opening a window or install a fan. Don't keep a large amount of paper products, such as newspapers and boxes, in one area, especially if that area is damp like a basement. Make sure you seal all your dry food in plastic or metal containers (which is a good practice against all pests, not just silverfish).

Silverfish, though they are generally harmless to human health, can not only be gross-looking, they can potentially cause damage and get into your food. It can be hard to figure out where they are coming from since they are good at hiding in the day. If you think you have a silverfish problem, then contact a pest control company, like JD Termite & Pest Control Company, to do an assessment and get rid of them for you.