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What You Need To Do After A Termite Infestation

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After you have had termites eradicated from your home, there are things you need to do in order to defend your home against these pests ever again. There are repairs that need to be made and determinations that need to be made to prevent an issue in your home again. If your home was infested by termites because of water damage to your home, or because of a moisture problem, you will have to address those problems so you don't end up with the same problems again in the near future. Read on for some of the repairs that may be necessary.

Repair Water Leaks

If your home has had a water leak, you need to make the necessary repairs to prevent the leaking water from causing damage to your home. If you have had water damage due to a leaky faucet that has caused water damage to the cabinet below, or the floor below, which has lured termites to your home, then you need to make the repairs needed to the faucet and to the cabinet below, as well as the floor. If you have had water leaks in your roof, your roof should be repaired, as well as any other structure that was affected by the water that came in through the roof. For any leak that you have had, you need to remove the damaged wood and repair the issue that caused the damage in the first place.

Address Moisture Issues

If you have had moisture problems in your home, you need to address these issues as well. Moisture problems may be due to too much humidity in your home that has led to moisture damaging the wood around your home. You could also have too much moisture in your home from not using the fans in your bathroom or kitchen, which, with time, can lead to damage to the wood surrounding your home. Other moisture problems may be caused by trees or bushes that are too close to your wood siding, or rotten wood on your home caused by other types of issues. All of these things need to be addressed and the repairs made to prevent future issues with termites.

If you have had an issue with termites infesting your home, and you have had to have these pests exterminated, or your home fumigated, then repairs are also going to need to be made to prevent a future problem with these same pests. Talk to a pest control specialist about what other things can be done to repair your home and prevent a termite infestation in the future.

Reach out to a local termite repair contractor to learn more.