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3 Reasons Professional Pest Control Is The Most Humane Extermination Option

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If you love nature and wildlife, you might find it challenging to call in a pest control company when you have unwelcome visitors in your home. Many people looking for humane options may attempt do-it-yourself trapping, relocation, or other techniques. Unfortunately, these methods are often ineffective and, even worse, can be an unintentionally cruel way of addressing the problem.

When you discover squirrels, bats, raccoons, mice, or other unanticipated "guests" in your home, calling a pest control expert is often the best way to deal with the problem effectively and humanely. Keep reading for three reasons why DIY pest control methods may not be as wildlife-friendly as you might expect. 

1. Relocation Often Doesn't Work

The pests that can invade your home are intelligent enough to find their way back to your house after removal. Squirrels or other larger rodents that enter your home may be able to travel a significant distance, forcing you to relocate them much further away. Unfortunately, these animals are also often territorial, and relocating them far away can create more problems.

In a worst-case scenario, you may be creating significant stress for the animal and ultimately dooming it by moving it to unfamiliar territory with aggressive competitors. A pest control professional will understand when relocation is an option and when the most humane approach is to deal with the animals in your home as quickly and painlessly as possible.

2. Removal Isn't Always Enough

Many small pests are surprisingly good at finding their way into your home through small, completely hidden vulnerabilities. Some animals such as squirrels may even try to return inside by chewing through walls and causing additional damage. Simply removing these creatures from your home won't necessarily stop them from working their way back inside.

A professional exterminator will deal with the animals in your home and work with you to locate and seal potential entry points. This thorough approach is ultimately more humane since it prevents more pests from entering your home. By avoiding additional infestations, you'll avoid potential conflicts and the need to call an exterminator in the future.

3. You May Leave Stragglers Behind

Animals often enter your home for understandable reasons, such as a need for protection, warmth, or food. However, animals will also tend to breed once they find a secure and comfortable area to nest. Rodents in particular may create large broods in your home, and these young will often remain out of sight for many weeks or months.

Dealing with the pests you can see may leave these stragglers behind, which can be a cruel fate since many may depend on their parents for food. A professional exterminator will ensure that you eliminate the whole problem, avoiding the possibility that you may leave defenseless young behind without their caretakers.  

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