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3 Ways To Get Rid Of Ants

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With spring comes a lot of beautiful things like trees, grass, and flowers. There are also some things that appear in the spring that you really don't want. That can include ants. It doesn't take a lot to get ants in your house. Just one or two ants scouting for food or water can leave a pheromone trail that will lead other ants to your house. Depending on how much food the ants find in your house, you may end up with a large nest located somewhere in your house, and ants wandering around. You really don't want that, which means that you need to come up with some way to keep that from happening. There are some easy ways that you can control the ants in your house until you can call an ant exterminator.

Wipe Away Trails

One way you can do that is to wipe away pheromone trails. While these trails aren't anything that you can see, if you see ants wandering around, you can kind of guess where some trails are. Using something like a vinegar/water mix to wipe down the area will disrupt the pheromone trails that the ants have laid down. Wiping your counters down with this solution isn't going to hurt anything at all. Vinegar and water are non-toxic, so this solution isn't going to hurt anything that is on your counter. 

Clean Drips

If you have any drippy or leaky faucets and pipes, you want to make sure that you fix those. That's because ants need to have water as well as food to live. It doesn't take much water for ants to live, since they are so small. The smallest leak can attract ants, so make sure that you check over your plumbing system and clean up any leaks and drips that you find. 


You should also contact an exterminator. The reason for this is that they can leave ant baits around that will attract ants to the bait station. The ants will eat some of the bait and take some to the nest, which will start the process of getting rid of the ants. Not only can the exterminator put some of the bait in your house, but they can also put the bait around the outside of your house, which can keep the ants away from your house. 

No one wants to have ants in their house. If you find that you do have ants, there are things that you can do to keep them at bay until a professional ant exterminator service can arrive.