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3 Common Household Pests

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Despite your level of cleanliness, pests can still invade your home. These pests often crawl into your home in search of food and warmth.

A severe pest infestation is irritating and can cause extensive damage to your property. Therefore, you need to look for ways to eliminate these pests from your home. But a single-elimination method might not work on all pests. This article highlights three common pests that can infest your home to help you understand your options.


Cockroaches like to stay in cool and dark areas. These pests often live outside your home in garbage sites, sewers, and woodpiles. However, they may wander into your house searching for water and food. Once these cockroaches enter your home, they could hide in your kitchen, bathrooms, basements, or the dark corners of other rooms.

These pests are a major health concern since they carry fungus, roundworms, and viruses — all of which are dangerous to humans. For example, cockroaches carry salmonella, which contaminates your food and causes food poisoning. Cockroaches can also cause allergic or asthmatic reactions, particularly in young children. 

Drywood Termites

Drywood termites can infest your home if you have leaky pipes, a poor drainage system, or airflow issues. These pests are highly productive, especially when the queen termite lays eggs that hatch to give rise to large colonies.

A dry wood termite infestation is easily noticeable. First, you may notice frass (termite droppings) on your floor. You may also see termite wings near your window sills. Also, you might notice that your wooden structures produce a hollow sound when your house is termite-infested.

A termite infestation is quite severe since these insects can destroy all wooden items in your home. As a result, you may need to buy new furniture for your house or replace all your wooden structures. Without timely repairs, your home may become structurally weak and collapse under its own weight.


Various types of ants infest your home, including:

  • Acrobat ants
  • Fire ants
  • Argentine ants
  • Carpenter ants

However, fire ants are the most common type. These ants build dome-shaped mounds that protect them from adverse weather conditions. You can find the mounds on lawns or open fields. But they may enter your home, especially if your kitchen countertops are sticky.

Fire ants are harmful to humans since they irritate the skin when they sting you. You might need to call pest control experts to help you eliminate these pests before they affect everyone in your home. These ants can also attack a small pet in larger numbers and even kill it. So don't wait until the worst happens. Reach out to a reliable pest control service today. 

For more information on pests, contact a pest control service near you.