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Preventing Mice From Getting Inside Of Your Home

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Pests of all types tend to cause havoc by gaining entry to homes, leaving homeowners and renters with the responsibility of getting them to vacate so they do not cause damage to property or anxiety to those living in the structure. If you are worried about mice getting inside of your home, there are a few actions you can take to make it less likely that they will become an ongoing problem.

Keep On Top Of Outdoor Repair Needs

Mice can squeeze into small areas. Because of this, it is important to fill in any cracks and crevices along the exterior of your home so they are unable to get to the inside rooms. Check the siding carefully for pieces that are peeling away from the building and secure them as needed. Cracked siding requires a filling to be placed inside voids so mice cannot utilize them as entryways to the interior. If you have extensive damage to the outside of your home, consider making repairs or call a repair service to fix the problem.

Add A Few Deterrents And Take Away Attractions

Mice are not as likely to stick around an area where they feel as if their lives are threatened. If you have a cat on the premises, you may not deal with mice as easily as a home that does not have this pet present. Place a bird decoy upon your property to keep mice at a distance.

If you have a woodpile on your property, locate it in an area away from the view of your home. Be sure to add coverings to pools, birdbaths, and other water containment systems when they are not in use. If you feed animals outdoors, always remove extra food from dishes after a feeding session.

Be On The Lookout For Activity

If you are aware of the signs of a mouse problem, you will know when it is time to contact a pest control service to eliminate them quickly. Be on the lookout for mouse droppings along the perimeters of rooms or around food storage areas. Check stored food boxes for signs of gnaw marks on cardboard. Make an effort to look at walls for signs of holes where mice try to gain entry to rooms. Place your ear upon walls in your home to listen for sounds of movement. If any of these signals are present, call a local pest control service immediately.