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Need Pest Control Services? 3 Signs of Pest Infestation in a New Home

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It's easy to know if something changes in a home you've lived in for a long time. So, it wouldn't be hard to notice when animals and pests intrude into your personal space. However, when you hunt for a new place or just moved into one, you might not understand it well enough to know if there are pests within. 

So, it's important to learn how to tell if the house you moved into has pests. Here are a few signs of pest infestation in a new home. 

When You See Pest Droppings

One of the easy ways to tell that the home you just moved into has pests is when you see their droppings in some rooms or all over the place. The appearance of the droppings will depend on the pest that you are dealing with. For example, rat droppings are smooth, shiny, and black pellets. And mice droppings are smooth and small with pointed ends. Droppings for bigger animals such as raccoons are long, dark, and tubular.

The moment you notice unusual droppings around your house, call an exterminator. They will assess the droppings to determine what type of pest is in your home and then recommend the best solution.

When You See Holes and Gnaw Marks

Another way to tell that you need to call an exterminator is if you notice holes and gnaw marks in some parts of or all over your new home. You might also see other forms of structural damage, which are specific to the type of pest. For example, rats and mice create holes in the furniture so they can access dark spaces to hide and breed. Furthermore, if there are termites in the home, you might notice that they have eaten the house's wooden components, leaving hollow tubes that look ugly.

When You See Nesting Materials

Another way to tell that you might have pests in the home you just moved into is if you notice nesting materials. Some of the most common nesting materials you can find include shredded paper, leaves, and foliage, and other insulation forms. An exterminator knows how to seek the pests' hiding places and locate their nests.

It is advisable to let the professionals handle extermination, as opposed to doing it yourself. Pest control services tend to have the skills, tools, and expertise to manage pests in your home. They will also advise you on how to prevent future pest infestations.