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What To Expect When You Hire A Pest Control Company

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If you are dealing with a pest issue, be it roaches or mice, then you are probably thinking of bringing in a pest control company. That is a good thing because most pest situations are too serious to try and handle yourself. The experts will not only be more skilled at tackling the pest problem, but they will also do it faster. Whereas it might take you weeks of trial and error in order to rid your home of pests, a good professional pest control service can do it very quickly. Here's what to expect once you've contacted them.

They Will Examine The Space

The exterminators won't come in and start puffing fumigation spray all around your home. First, they will inspect your home in order to determine the extent of the infestation, as well as where the entry points are. If you are dealing with vermin or other pests that are entering your home, they will want to locate those entry points and seal them up. Locating these spots requires experience which you will not possess. So, the pest control expert will likely look closely around all areas of your home. They will also look for signs of the pests. This might be droppings in the case of mice, or it might be tiny blood spots on sheets or other bedding, in the case of bed bugs.

They Might Ask You To Leave

Once they have established a good idea as to what they are dealing with, they might very well ask you to leave your home. In some cases, they will be using a poison spray or other chemical treatment that is not healthy to breathe. They will also tell you to take your pets with you if they ask you to leave. In some cases, though, they might be able to treat the pest problem without using poisons (such as when they use traps for mice). 

The Will Suggest Ways To Keep Pests Out In The Future

Once the pest control experts have rid your home of the unwanted critters, the next step is to provide you with tips on how to keep them out. Depending upon what sort of pests you were dealing with, you will have different ways of preventing their return. The pest removal expert might suggest that you install new window screens, or they might suggest caulking gaps around the floor and in corners. The recommendations might also include having periodic inspections to ensure that the pests haven't returned.

For more information, contact a local pest control service today.