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Things You Want To Know About Mice

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While you may have heard how someone found a mouse in their home and you were surprised because their house is immaculate, you shouldn't be surprised because mice can end up anywhere. However, there are some homes that are more at risk of an infestation and this usually is due to the condition of the home. This doesn't mean that everyone with mice keeps a bad house, but it does mean they are catering to rodents somehow. Learn why some homes are more prone to mice infestations than others, so you can do your best to avoid being overtaken with mice in your own home.

A cluttered yard

The mice need to get to your house somehow and that means they traveled through your yard at some point. They may have even found a nice place to live for a while during which time they made a few litters, which then made litters of their own. What may have captured the interest of mice who ended up in your yard can include:

  • Junk cars
  • Dead foliage
  • Overgrown foliage
  • Junk piles
  • A recycling pile that never gets recycled
  • A wood pile
  • Anything else that offers them a safe place to build a nest

A cluttered garage/shed/workshop

You may not be as well-organized as your neighbors, but wouldn't consider yourself to be a messy person. However, no matter how you would describe yourself, having a lot of clutter in any storage area on your property can become a great breeding ground for mice. Once they breed anywhere on your property, they'll eventually want in the house where all that great smelling food is.

An older home

There are a lot of great things about older homes. They can be charming and have many unique features. However, another thing about them is they tend to have plenty of cracks and holes in them that let rodents right in. Rodent-proofing an older home can be a nearly impossible task. This is why it's even more important for you to make sure you keep the entire property as clutter-free as possible.

Clutter in the house

Clutter in any house can cause a traveling mouse to decide it's home. However, clutter in an older home with those plentiful entrances is just asking for an infestation.


No matter how many mice you find, you should assume there are plenty more. This is why you want to have pest control come out after your first sighting. They will eradicate the mice and can even help you to seal up many of the entrances.

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