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Termite Treatments That Keep The Pests Out Of Your Commercial Building

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Termites can do extensive damage to your commercial building just like they can to a home. Just because your building is surrounded by concrete, it doesn't mean it's safe from termites. Subterranean termites live underground and they can build nests under concrete sidewalks and even the foundation of your building. Here are some methods a commercial pest control company might use to keep termites out of your building:

Pour Liquid Insecticide Into Drill Holes

Liquid insecticide is effective at killing termites as long as they come in contact with it. A termite has to touch the insecticide or touch another termite that has been in contact with the poison. In the case of subterranean termites, the poison must be applied in the ground so the termites cross over it when heading for your building. If your building is surrounded by concrete, the pest control company will probably drill holes into the concrete so the liquid can be poured into the soil.

This could require several holes around the perimeter of your building. It's also helpful if the pest control company can find the nest and surround it with the liquid insecticide. Many gallons of the termite-killing liquid is usually needed to treat the perimeter of a commercial building. If you have a very large building, this process could take some time, but it won't interrupt your usual routine or bother your customers.

Tent The Building And Fill It With Insecticide Fog

If you have a serious infestation of termites in your building, the pest control company may suggest placing a tent over the structure and fogging the pests. The downside to this form of treatment is that your building must be shut down while the treatment is ongoing. If your company operates 24/7, this may be inconvenient, but it is an effective option for getting rid of termites. The fog is able to penetrate the entire building and waft behind walls and under flooring to ensure all the wood elements are treated and termites killed.

Install Poison Bait Stations

Bait stations are used to monitor for termites as well as kill them. The stations can be placed in core holes or buried underground where the termites will find them as they search for food. The pest control company monitors the stations on a regular basis to see if termites have been eating the bait. This alerts them to termite activity near your building. When used to kill termites, the bait stations are filled with poisonous bait that the termites carry back to the nest. When the poison spreads around the nest, it wipes out the colony of termites over time. Bait stations are a good way to kill off the termites before they have a chance to infest your building.

Termite damage can be expensive to repair, so keeping termites out of your building is top priority. A pest control company not only treats an active infestation, it can also help you prevent termite problems so you can eliminate termite damage from the list of things you need to worry about as a business owner.

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