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What You Can Do To Control The Mosquitoes Around Your Yard

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Mosquitoes are the pests that make being outdoors in the summer a little less fun. Trying to stay cozy around the campfire and hearing the buzzing around your ears, or a quick pinch from a mosquito bite can make you want to pack up your family and run in the house instead. Controlling the mosquitoes will help take back your yard and your summer. See below for tips on what you can do to control the mosquitoes around your yard:

Keep Your Grass Cut

Don't let your grass get too long, as you're just asking for mosquitoes to breed in your lawn. Longer grass means more areas for moisture and these pests will lay their eggs and nest in the grass. Cut your grass often and keep it on the shorter side.

Get Rid Of Brush

Brush piles are a great place for pests to hide, not just mosquitoes, but a lot of other pests too - spiders, ants, mice, raccoons, and even opossums. Remove brush piles around your yard. Toss it in the trash, haul it to your local compost site or burn it in a burn pile (depending on your local code).

Remove Standing Water

Standing water is where mosquitoes usually lay their eggs. Get rid of water in buckets, empty flower pots, and bird baths. Remove standing water from other areas too such as children's toys, sitting on chairs and around other areas of your home. If you have a pond or other water feature in your yard, be sure the water is moving and not stagnant. Install a pump to keep the water moving. Be sure to run the pump on your swimming pool as well to keep the water moving.

Spray Your Yard

Spray the yard around your home with a fog or other type of mosquito repellent to kill the mosquitoes in your lawn. Spray the yard before you go outside in the evening or during the day if you have a big mosquito problem. You can find these types of mosquito pesticides at your local hardware store. You can also call professional mosquito control services about using a spray in your yard as well.

Attract Bats

Bats will eat a huge population of mosquitoes, so if you have a lot in your yard, you may have noticed bats around. Attract them to your yard so they eat more mosquitoes by adding bat houses. You can find bat houses online. Simply hang them up in your tree just as you would a birdhouse.

If you have a big mosquito problem in your yard, it may be time to call a professional pest control company for help to take back your yard.