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Ridding Your Property Of Bats: What To Know

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If you've spotted bats on your property, you may be both mystified and a little scared. You might not know whether you should attempt to remove them or leave them be. The information here can help you learn more about the ramifications of having bats in your house so you can better decide what to do.

Poison Might Be Illegal

If you have considered poison for bats, it's vital that you know your state could prohibit that. Some states consider bats to be a protected class of animal because of their value to local ecosystems. Unless you consult a professional pest control company, your only other choice may be waiting for them to leave and then sealing any holes so they're unable to return.

Bat Droppings Could Encourage Mold, Damage Wood and Cause Infections

Bat droppings, also called guano, can be even more of a problem than the bats themselves. Their droppings and urine can cause wood in your house to rot; mold can thrive on the surface of the guano. The more bats in the area, the bigger of a problems the droppings will be.

In addition to the smell, structural issues and mold problems guano can cause, you need to know that if there is mold growing, inhaling too much of it can result in histoplasmosis, a bacterial lung infection.

Bats Could Spread Ticks and Fleas

Because of their own fur, bats could spread fleas, ticks and other vectors to your dogs, cats and other pets. If you have outdoor animals, you have to be even more diligent about checking their fur for any unwelcome visitors as long as the bats remain on your property.

Bats Could Give You Rabies

In addition to the pests that they can transmit to pets, one or a few of the bats on your property could have contracted rabies. Avoid holding and attempting to catch or otherwise handle bats without professional help. If you get accidentally scratched, you could require medical attention.

You Should Not Start Fires if You Suspect Chimney Bats

If you suspect that bats are hanging out in the chimney, you may think starting a fire will convince them to fly outward into the sky. Be sure you realize that your plan could backfire and that in fact, they may fly down and right into your living space.

Professional bat removal can help you avoid all of the problems mentioned above. For specialized help that relates to your specific property, contact pet control contractors in the neighborhood.

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