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Shoo Fly! 4 Simple Ways To Keep Flies And Maggots Away This Summer

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Summer. It's the time for outdoor fun, family vacations, and picnics. It's also the time for flies. Unfortunately, when flies start congregating around your home, they usually bring maggots with them. If you've ever had a maggot problem, you know how disgusting they are. If you've never had a problem with maggots, you don't want this summer to bring your first encounter with them. Luckily, there are some things you can do to keep flies, and maggots, away from your home this summer.

Watch the Trash

When it comes to flies, you need to pay close attention to the trash. They're attracted to the fresh scent of trash, so make sure you reduce those scents, especially around the trash cans. One way to do that is to keep your trash cans clean. Wash all your trash cans at least once a month. Place a few drops of dish detergent and about a ¼ cup of lemon juice in each of your trash cans, and then rinse them out with your garden hose. This will keep your trash cans clean, and reduce the odors that will attract flies, and their accompanying maggots. It's also a good idea to keep the lids on your trash cans at all times.

Freshen the Air

Flies are also attracted to the odors you have in your home. If you have babies, flies will be attracted to their dirty diapers. If you have cats, they'll be attracted to the litter box. To keep the flies away, take some precautions to freshen the air, and keep those odors under control. First, place dirty diapers in scented trash bags. The lemon-fresh scent will deter the flies. Second, place a cup of baking soda in your litter pan.

Keep Things Clean

If you're noticing more flies in the kitchen, it's time to bring out the cleaners. Flies won't stay where they can't find food odors. Clean up counter spills using a disinfecting spray cleaner. Remove old food from your cabinets and refrigerator as soon as possible. Keep crumbs and other food particles off your floors and counters. Using these methods will keep your kitchen clean and reduce the fly activity.

Install a Fan

During the summer, flies love to rush into your home as soon as you open the doors. That's because your home is usually cooler than it is outside. To stop them in their tracks, and keep them outside where they belong, place a fan near each exterior door. The rush of air from the fans will prevent flies from getting into your home through the doors.

Don't let flies take over your home this summer. The suggestions provided here will help you keep flies out of your home, which will also keep the maggots away. For other tips on how to have a pest-free summer, ask about pest control services near you.