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Six Things You Can Do To Avoid A Wildlife Invasion Of Your Home This Spring

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When the weather gets warmer, wildlife outside your home tends to become more active. This is especially true when it comes to rodents and insect pests. 

You can avoid an infestation of your home by wildlife intruders by doing the following six things during early spring:

Clean out your kitchen and food storage areas

Spring cleaning is important when it comes to keeping warm weather pests out of your home.

While cleaning and disinfecting your entire house is a good idea in the springtime, you should be especially careful to give your kitchen and food storage areas a good cleaning.

If there is food left out in the open in your home when the weather warms up, you can be almost guaranteed a pest infestation. Cover up all food items to avoid attracting pests.

Trim back vegetation

As the weather heats up, your vegetation is going to start growing increasingly more rapidly. Vegetation can serve as an easy route for pests to penetrate your home.

If your landscaping includes vegetation that's growing right up against your exterior walls, insects and rodents will more easily be able to infiltrate your home.

Keep pests out by doing some landscaping maintenance and trimming back vegetation. 

Inspect the exterior of your house

The winter weather can be hard on your home's exterior and create damage like holes and cracks in your foundation. Inspect the exterior of your house to look out for any damage that has created openings in your home that pests may use to get in. 

Look for developing nests

Nests are created by pests in the spring months. Any nests created near your home- especially on your home's exterior walls or up underneath your roof eaves- make it very likely that pests are going to infiltrate your home.

Look out for nests and remove them as quickly as possible to keep pests out. 

Store firewood far away from your exterior walls

If you use firewood to heat your home in the winter months, you may have it stored near your home's exterior walls. This is a bad idea because firewood can attracts pests like termites and put them near to your home's exterior.

Move firewood away from your walls and store it in a location that's far removed from your home's immediate perimeter. 

Get lids for trash cans that snap on tight

When your garbage sits in the heat, it becomes more fragrant and more likely to attract animals.

Having lids that snap on to your trash can is important at any time of the year. However, it's especially important when the weather is warm and more pests are actively out looking for food. 

Lids that snap on tight to your garbage cans will keep odors in and keep pests out. For more information, visit sites like