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How To Eliminate Gnats

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Gnats, otherwise known as fruit flies, are extremely small pests that feed off of rotting fruit and breed extremely quickly. While they do not pose the health hazard that other household pests do, they are still annoying and are generally not a sign of a clean and well put together household. Thankfully, there are a couple of things that you can do to eliminate even the largest gnat populations in a matter of days.

Remove Food Sources

Gnats need a food source to effectively breed. In order to effectively curtail their population, you need to eliminate all of the items which are attracting them. Some food sources, like old fruit that has begun to rot and dirty dishes that haven't been cleaned in a couple of days, are fairly obvious and easy to remove. However, other sources, like soil in potted plants that hasn't been changed in a while, are also important to consider. You should also make sure that your garbage can is properly sealed, as old food in the trash can be a prime location for gnats to occupy.

Bleach the Sink

Another way to cut down on fruit flies within your home, especially if you are unable to find a food source that is attracting them, is to pour bleach down the sink. Often, food particles can collect in the drain, and when coupled with the darkness and dampness of the pipes, this creates an ideal location for fruit flies to breed and spread throughout your kitchen and home. Simply pour a decent amount of bleach down the drain while running hot water to clear out any stuck on food in the drain and to kill any gnats which may be in there as well. Be sure to wear a safety mask and gloves while doing this to protect your eyes and skin.


While commercial gnat and fly traps exist and are fairly effective at reducing the population of gnats within your home, you can make your own without any specialized equipment. All you need is several containers with an open top (glasses and mugs work well). Make a mixture of half fruit vinegar and half soap and leave it out in the open. The sweet smell of the fruit vinegar will attract the gnats, but they will die once they come into contact with the soap. Leave several containers out for a few days to attract and kill gnats, replacing the mixture as it becomes contaminated with dead gnats.

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