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Why It Is A Bad Idea To Try To Get Rid Of A Rodent On Your Own

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Do you suspect that there is rodent activity in your home? Perhaps you are thinking that you only have one mouse. You may even assume that you can kill the rodent using over-the-counter rodent poison. It is not a good idea to try to perform your own pest control. Doing so could cost you more in the long run. The following are a few negative consequences you could face by choosing to try to resolve the matter on your own.

Underestimate Rodent Activity

You may only think you have one rodent, but there may be more pests lurking beneath the surface of your home. Rodents enjoy living behind walls, in attics, and in basements. Your assumption that there is only one may also be wrong if the rodent you are attempting to kill has given birth or is pregnant. 

Overlook Entry Points

Perhaps you are correct in your assessment that you have one lone rodent. The pest entered your home through an entry point. Killing the rodent will not guarantee that other rodents do not find their way into your home the same way. A company for pest control services would eradicate the pest(s) in your home and determine where potential entry points are located. For example, you might have a hole in your home's siding that needs to be sealed. 

Property Damage

Rodents can leave a slew of damages behind. They like to gnaw on things. They can damage electronics by chewing through wires. It is also possible for them to put your property at risk for a fire or flooding because they can chew through electrical wiring and plumbing. Some rodents dwell in ducts where they can wreak havoc on HVAC systems and negatively impact energy efficiency. 


Taking a potential rodent problem lightly can lead to an infestation occurring in your property. Rodents create nests when infestations are present. Nests are areas where they dwell and reproduce. The nests are often in places that the average homeowner cannot access. This is why it is sensible to rely on professional pest control services as soon as you are aware that there is a rodent in your home. Infestations can expose your family to a number of health risks resulting in medical bills. 

If you want to reduce the chances of rodents wreaking havoc on your home and lifestyle, a pest control company can be used as a resource. These professionals can inspect properties. They can also give you advice on identifying pest activity in a timely manner. To learn more, speak with someone like American Pest Control Inc.